The new kind of loneliness


The new kind of loneliness

     Many of us enjoy using the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media to pass the time and share with friends, but what happens when it goes too far? Many people waste their time in these social media watching the lives of other people and forget to live their own. Some people depend on these web pages to feel satisfied with their own lives and post status and pictures so that people can see them, and they can feel good about themselves.
      The problem with this is what happens when people don’t hit “like” in their pictures and nobody writes a comment? The people who depend on these pages start to panic and feel lonely because nobody cared about your comment or picture and this creates discomfort in the person. You may have 1,000 people in your Facebook or Instagram page, but in reality you may only know five of them which bring us to the subject of the matter which is “The new kind of loneliness”. You may have a lot of digital friends, but they’re not real friends which means that you’re in reality alone.
      This is a very delicate matter and many people may not understand the importance of talking about this, but the youth nowadays depend too much of this social medias. Instead of calling a person or talking to them face to face, many prefer to just send a text, a direct message on Twitter or Facebook because they feel more secure and that doesn’t help them expand their social circle if they even have one. Sometimes people star to be more aggressive in these web pages because they can’t see a person face to face and that leads us to cyber bullying which is in fact a horrible thing to do. This video shows us how people sometimes react in the web thinking they’re more secure, but in reality none of this is true you have to be the same in the real world as in the digital world.



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